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Road Trips for Families: Restaurants on the Long Beach Peninsula

More on the Long Beach Peninsula’s food scene from Julie Henning…

Road Trips For Families finds 10+ great ways to enjoy the beach…

Freelance travel journalist, Julie Henning, recently visited the Long Beach Peninsula for the first time and discovered more than 10 great things to do. Read more here…

“Winter at Washington’s Long Beach Peninsula – The Breakers Resort” by Elizabeth Rose,

Food review by Elizabeth Rose for

Modern-Day Nomads

Feast + Forage: Clam-digging + Wild Mushroom-hunting on Long Beach Peninsula by Tiffany Owens

Bend Bulletin

Nov. 23, 2014 – Detailed destination feature with a focus on food by John Gottberg Anderson:

Exploring the Cranberry Coast: Autumn on the Long Beach Peninsula

by Sarah Wyatt Agritourism on Washington’s Long Beach Peninsula, Oct. 13, 2014 by Elizabeth Rose — Long Beach Peninsula’s Boreas Inn Beachy Luxury With An Amazing Breakfast

FOX NEWS: “Best summer beach festivals in the US” by Lyn Mettler

“Long Beach Peninsula of Washington: Kites and Cranberries” by Elizabeth Rose

Foodista feature by Michael Fagin

Long Beach Peninsula, Washington Travel Guide April 29, 2014

TRAVELAGE WEST — April 29, 2014 — “The Long Beach Peninsula captivates with kites, cranberries, culture and  super-fresh seafood” by Marty Wentzel–Washington-Travel-Guide/#.U2Bs9uZdWZ1  

Winter at the beach by Liz Bryan, Westworld

See pages 18 and 19 at

Craig Romano highlights Cape D in “Rainforest Hikes” roundup

Discovery Trail featured in Outdoors NW “Escapes”

A beachcombing story be Heather Larsen in Outdoors NW

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Northwest Travel covers dog friendly hotel in K-9s Adrift