Story Ideas

The wild and the tame at the edge of the continent
A different kind of snowbird finds its way to the Long Beach Peninsula each winter. Snowy plover, trumpeter swans and the occasional snowy owl find refuge on this 28-mile long spit of sand with its many habitats – scrub pine forest, moss-laden old growth spruce and fir forest, rocky cliffs, grassy dunes, sandy beaches, lakes and wetlands.

Revisiting Lewis & Clark as Station Camp nears completion
Six years after the Corps of Discovery Bicentennial Commemoration, a significant piece of the newly formed Lewis and Clark National Historical Park is slated for completion. Station Camp, the spot where Capt. Meriwether Lewis marked the completion of President Thomas Jefferson’s cross-continent quest and of the famed vote to winter across the river, is slated for opening in August 2012.