Showing the beach some love

Beach clean 1

If it takes a village to raise a child, it might take a community to clean a beach. Especially when that beach stretches 28 miles horizon to horizon. Three times a year, the Long Beach Peninsula community comes together for coordinated beach cleanups – volunteers descend on the Peninsula’s six beach approaches to remove the…

Fishing seasons take shape on the LBP


The Long Beach Peninsula reeled in some great news last week with the announcement of limited summer salmon fishing seasons in our southwestern corner of Washington state. Whereas most areas saw a reduction in limits, the Long Beach Peninsula – Marine Area 1 – was largely unaffected. The Marine Area 1 bag limit will be two salmon,…

Long Beach Razor Clam Festival in photos


“This is what Long Beach is all about.” Those were the words of Randy Dennis, Razor Clam Festival organizer and reviver, during the Clam Chowder Taste-off on Saturday at the Elks Lodge. Family fun, fresh seafood, the great outdoors – yep, Randy’s got a point! The beauty of the Razor Clam Festival is that the…

#LongBeachWA: Bigger than the Peninsula


William Shakespeare once asked, “What’s in a name?” Fair question, old bard. #LongBeachWA is a favorite hashtag here on the Peninsula, but with Shakespeare in mind, we have to ask: “What’s in that name?” Well, a lot more than sometimes meets the eye! #LongBeachWA is bigger than a city or Peninsula – it’s the southwest…

That Pacific County feeling

The Feeling 3

By Drew Foster, Visitor Bureau communications coordinator The feeling. It begins somewhere west of Interstate 5. Six speeding lanes condense to two, and the horizon-stretching straightaways slowly bend into wending country lanes. Nature encroaches. Night grows darker. The moon grows brighter. The frogs croak louder. That’s about when it hits, the feeling – a metaphysical…

Find family-friendly fun at the beach


“Family-friendly” isn’t just a saying on the Long Beach Peninsula – it’s a way of life. With close to 100 annual festivals and events across Pacific County, there’s always something fun unfolding for families on the southwest corner of Washington state. Some of our family-friendly favorites on the near horizon are the Razor Clam Festival on…

Touring the Peninsula: Exploration takes many shapes

exploration on Washington's Long Beach Peninsula.

Summertime exploration got a little easier with the recent arrival of Lor’s Tours to Washington’s southern coast, and it just got a little more stylish as the city of Long Beach wrapped its trolley in fanciful local art. Lor’s Tours is the new kid on the block, but that doesn’t mean she’s rolling with training…

Pet-friendly Peninsula keeps tails wagging


We like to keep a pot of fresh , locally roasted coffee on the counter for weary travelers passing through the Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau – it’s just our way of saying thanks for stopping by. But the full water dish and the bits of bone-shaped biscuits? Those are reserved for our four-legged friends….

Spring Break is Better at the Beach

Beach 2.8.16

Here’s a scenario: The kiddos are home from school, the days are getting warmer, and the frozen dinner drill is growing old. In need of a break? Yeah, we thought so. Thankfully, the Long Beach Peninsula has just what you need! The good news is that spring break is right around the corner; the better news is…

Razor Clam Festival returns -- Can you dig it?


Long Beach’s original Razor Clam Festival, held in April 1940, featured the world’s largest frying pan, a colossal clam dig and handcrafted batches of chowder. Families flocked to the Peninsula for a weekend of fritters and fun; clouds of steam pouring off the giant frying pan wafted over festivalgoers; “Bathing Clam Beauties” in “clam-kinis” soon joined…