Three Weird Facts About Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark map

1. They were being hunted by the Spanish. Did you know espionage was a part of the Lewis and Clark story? That’s right. The Spanish had their eyes on the American frontier as well. After the Louisiana Purchase, they were determined to stop American expansion. Enter James Wilkinson, a Revolutionary War hero and a man…

Restaurant Month on the Long Beach Peninsula: Dine to Make a Difference

Restaurant Month returns to the Long Beach Peninsula on January 1st! Experience incredible 3 course meals for just $33 at some of the peninsula’s best restaurants. Our restaurants take great pride in featuring dishes created from scratch every day. They often feature locally and regionally sourced ingredients, so you’re sure to eat the freshest cuisine…

LBP Holiday Event Guide - 2018

Holidays are better at the beach. With few crowds, the holiday season is cozy and intimate on the peninsula. Christmas mermaids, a crab pot Christmas tree, and handmade markets are just a few highlights of the season!

5 Hikes for Birders this Fall

The Long Beach Peninsula is an amazing place for birders with plenty of viewing opportunities year round. The fall migratory path brings over 200 species of birds, making October a prime month for birding. Head to our trails to fully appreciate the diverse habitats that attract our feathered friends. Here are 5 hikes to take…

Haunted Places on the Long Beach Peninsula

Home to eerie sounding areas like Cape Disappointment, Dismal Nitch and the Graveyard of the Pacific, it’s no surprise that Washington’s Pacific County boasts a hearty helping of haunted houses… and hotels.

How a Pickled Pioneer Ended Up in Pacific County

In 1855, a band of Native Americans descended upon a group of pioneers making their way along the legendary Oregon Trail. The pioneers feared for their scalps. Then, the leader of the war party pointed at the large black box at the front of the wagon train. Dr. William Keil, the man responsible for leading…

Bird and Wildlife Photography from Beach to Bay

The Long Beach Peninsula is an excellent location for those with a penchant for capturing wildlife on camera to practice their art and delight in the wonders of nature.

Join us for the Cranberry Harvest this October

October’s cranberry harvest has been a part of the peninsula’s culture for over a century. This tart, native berry brings more excitement than you might expect as the bogs are flooded for harvest and roadside stalls with fresh cranberries begin to pop up.

How to Go Storm Watching on the Long Beach Peninsula

Waikiki Beach Cape Disappointment

The best places for storm watching, what you need to bring, and tips for storm watching on the Long Beach Peninsula.

The Beach is for Book Lovers

reading on the beach

The Long Beach Peninsula is known for many things, but one of the best-kept secrets of this serene area is the draw it has for outstanding, local, and regional writers. While there are a number of writers who call the Long Beach Peninsula their home, there are also some big-name authors who seek out the…