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Skookum Surf Cam

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Check out the waves on the Long Beach Peninsula! The Surf Cam is anchored at [pickled fish] eat + drink, an eclectic bar and grill specializing in fresh, creative, locally inspired cuisine. [pickled fish] is located on the top floor of the oceanfront Adrift Hotel on the Sid Snyder beach approach. It has fabulous views overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the Long Beach Boardwalk, and the Discovery Trail. In addition to viewing the setting sun on the Pacific, catch spectacular 4th of July fireworks from the [pickled fish] as well as the kite filled sky during the Washington State International Kite Festival the third week of August every year.

The Long Beach Peninsula is a great place to learn how to surf. The Seaview and Sid Snyder beach approaches are popular spots for all experience levels of surfers and stand up paddle boarders. Our local Skookum Surf Shop in Long Beach offers lessons and they will get you kitted up and on your way.

After surfing, you can rent a bike, surrey or moped at Long Beach  Bicycles. A ride through Seaview offers many historic homes, some dating back to the 1890s. Near the Seaview Beach Approach is the Historic Sou’wester Lodge and unique gypsy camp dedicated to all things cool, kitchy and vintage. You can stay in the 120 year old lodge itself, a beach cabin, or in one of their vintage travel trailers. Or bring your own RV or tent and camp out. There’s always neat stuff going on at the Sou’wester – musical performances, wellness weekends, vintage trailer gatherings, plus they have an ongoing artist in residence program. They also have a cozy store stocked with local and regional organic delights.

Fantastic dining is nearby! Seaview is known for its award-winning restaurants. The justly renowned Depot Restaurant is famous for its amazing food and outstanding service. The restaurant is in an old train depot from the days of the narrow-gauge Clamshell Railroad that served the Peninsula from the 1870s through 1930. If your taste buds enjoy the likes of some traditional home cooking, then look no further than 42nd Street Cafe & Bistro. Serving “Original Gourmet Comfort Food,” they have a delicious range of delights for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Shelburne Restaurant features authentic coastal cuisines and has charmingly classic and elegant decor. The Shelburne also features casual fare and atmosphere in their Pub. It is the perfect place to lean back, relax, savor a delicious drink and enjoy a coastal classic, fish and chips. The Restaurant and Pub are located in the historic Shelburne Inn, a true American classic boutique hotel that is the longest continuously operating hotel in the State of Washington.

Continuing north along the charming back roads will take you to Sid Snyder Drive where you will find the World Kite Museum with its stunning collection of kites from around a world. They also have a make-your-own-kite station for kids, plus a great kite shop.  Within a few steps of the World Kite Museum, you can hop from your bicycle onto a horse at either of our two horseback riding establishments: Back Country Outfitters and Skipper’s Equestrian Center. You can enjoy an invigorating horseback ride along our white sand beaches, then slip back on your bicycle and ride along our 8.2 mile paved Discovery Trail. The trail gently rolls with the contours of the dunes and has benches and marked stops commemorating some of the key observations of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Then return your bicycle and enjoy a large cup of coffee and pastry at Abbracci, or take in a film at the Neptune Twin Theater, or give yourself over to a massage at Body Essence Massage, all within a few blocks of each other on Sid Snyder Drive in Long Beach. So much to do within a few blocks of the Surf Cam!

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