Garlic Festival: Where it’s Chic to Reek

My Garlic ‘Tis of Thee, Sweet Bulb of Infamy, To Thee We Sing

For the 33rd consecutive year, we celebrate Garlic! What pairs well with seafood? GARLIC, of course! In the land of clams, crab and oysters we take time out of our lives to celebrate the little things. Humans have consumed garlic for well over 7,000 years. It has many purposes medicinal and culinary. And is the perfect complement to many of our favorite foods and dishes.

The inaugural Northwest Garlic Festival was held June 25, 1982 near the Ark Restaurant, located in Nahcotta, WA. Nanci Main and Jimella Lucas, owner/chefs of the legendary Ark Restaurant for its 25 year lifespan, came up with the idea and initiated the festival, dubbing it as the 1st Annual Italian Independence Day & Garlic Festival. Their passion for culinary excellence and love of garlic was the driving force behind what we now know as the Northwest Garlic Festival. The success of the event forced it to move to a larger venue. Head to Jimella and Nanci’s Market Café, in Klipsan, where garlic aficionados will still have the opportunity to savor their delicious garlic ice cream.

Come out and celebrate the passion for this bountiful bulb with the masses at the 33rdAnnual Northwest Garlic Festival held in Ocean Park, WA located on the Long Beach Peninsula. Peninsulites hold garlic very dear to their hearts as the Long Beach Peninsula is a known foodie destination and garlic is the key ingredient in many of our favorite local recipes.

The festivities will be held on Saturday, June 14 from 10AM-5PM, and on Sunday, June 15, from 10AM-4PM. Admission is FREE, parking is FREE, and there will be live music, crafts, food vendors, and of course, plenty of garlic!  The festival takes place at Wilson Field, the home of the Beach Barons Rod Run to the End of the World, located at 25815 Sandridge Road, Ocean Park, WA. Check out this years’ commemorative  NW Garlic Festival poster!

Keep your eyes peeled for the Clove Brothers, they are the ambassadors of the Garlic Festival and a photograph with them is a must!

Fun Fact! At one of the Garlic Dinners hosted by the Nanci and Jimella, John D. Morse composed “Garlic Anthem” as part of a garlic poetry contest. It was such a hit that it was sung each year at the beginning of the garlic dinner. Everyone would stand, raise their glasses and sing:

My Garlic ‘tis of Thee
Sweet Bulb of Infamy
To thee we sing
You give our food such zest.
You garnish all our breath
We all love you the best.
Long may you reign

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