Cache Dash Splash III is Sept. 16-17

One of our favorite recent additions to the Peninsula’s annual event lineup is Cache Dash Splash, the third-year geocaching extravaganza set for Sept. 16-17 with an early meet-and-greet on Friday, Sept. 15.

Why do we love it? For two reasons in particular: 1) It gets bigger and better every year, and 2) It highlights a year-round activity that’s especially popular with families.

So, what’s geocaching and how does it relate to Cache Dash Splash?

Treasure hunt

geocache cache dash splash long beach wa

Earn collectable ‘geocoins’ and tokens.

Geocaching is a modern treasure hunt where your smartphone is the map, pinpoint coordinates mark the spot and the treasure is confined to old ammo boxes. Cache Dash Splash is an annual gathering of geocachers on the Long Beach Peninsula and Pacific County, where hundreds of like-minded treasure-hunters seek the many geocaches scattered between Ilwaco and Oysterville, the Long Beach Peninsula and Raymond.

Hundreds of geocaches have been stashed up and down the peninsula by event organizer Laurie Freeman. Find registration details here.

What’s new

This year’s event will feature several fun new twists, including a new collectible “Bounty Hunter Passport” that highlights the event’s theme, “Behind Bars”. The 30-40 new geocaches hidden for this year’s event will each feature the name of a “villain” and each geocache will contain a “bad guy ID number” that participants record in a specially created log. Visit 20 of these new geocaches and you’ll be rewarded with a newly minted “geocoin” – a collectible item shaped like a jailhouse.

Upcoming events:

Slow Drag at the Port of Ilwaco, Sept. 8, Port of Ilwaco

Rod Run to the End of the World, Sept. 9-10, Ocean Park

Cache-Dash-Splash III, Sept. 15-17, Ocean Park

One Sky, One World Kite Fly, Oct. 7-8, Long Beach

Peninsula Art Association Fall Show, Oct. 7-9, Long Beach

Water Music Festival, Oct. 13-15, Long Beach Peninsula

Great Columbia Crossing 10k, Oct. 15, Astoria, OR

Chinook Oktoberfest, Oct. 21, Chinook

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