'Made in Pacific County': Local goods & services

“Made in Pacific County” isn’t a catchphrase – it’s a way of life for a lot of southwestern Washingtonians.

made in pacific county

Many locally crafted and grown items can be found at markets like the Columbia Pacific Farmers Market, the Saturday Market at the Port of Ilwaco and the Weekend Market on the Dock in South Bend.

We often highlight natural offerings like Dungeness crab, wild mushrooms, cranberries and razor clams when discussing PacificCounty products. But now we’re talking about items that carry the tag “Made in Pacific County” – products like North Jetty Brewing beer and Harmony Soapworks, the handcrafted and small-batch items made by hardworking Pacific County residents.

And take our word for it: There are a lot more of these products than most folks realize. From coastal artwork to smoked oysters and candy to cranberries, Pacific County-made items are as expansive as they are delectable.

Remember that delish can of Sportsmen’s Cannery smoked tuna you snacked on in the hotel room? Or the Pink Poppy Bakery cupcake you scored at the market? Take these and other items home with you next time you visit the beach!

Here’s a list of Pacific County products and where you can find them:

North Jetty Brewing

Adrift Distillers

Green Angel Gardens Organic Produce

Painted Lady Lavender Farm & Gardens

Starvation Alley Farms

Harmony Soapworks

Jack’s Country Store

Okie’s Thriftway

Sid’s IGA

Pink Poppy Bakery

Ekone Oyster Co.

Crab Pot: Seafood Market

Jessie’s Seafood Market

OleBob’s Seafood Market

Sportsmen’s Cannery

Ilwaco Freedom Market

Mr. Doobees

Chinook Observer

Heavenly Memories, Willapa Printing

Rainy Day Artistry

RipTide Threads



Bay Avenue Gallery

Don Nisbett Art Gallery

Marie Powell Gallery

Peninsula Clay Artists

Queen La de Da’s Art Castle

Weir Studios

Wiegardt Studios

Purly Shell Fiber Arts

Upcoming events:

Washington State International Kite Festival, Aug. 21-27, Long Beach.

Pacific County Fair, Aug. 23-26, Menlo.

Waikiki Beach Concert, Aug. 26, Cape Disappointment State Park

Come Play on Labor Day, Sept. 1-4, South Bend

Chinook Arts Festival, Sept. 2-4, Chinook

Slow Drag at Port of Ilwaco, Sept. 8, Port of Ilwaco

Rod Run to the End of the World, Sept. 9-10, Ocean Park

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