Washington CranberriesMany visitors are surprised to learn that America’s native fruit, the cranberry, is grown locally in great quantity.  In fact, approximately one-third of the nation’s cranberry crop is produced in Washington State.

Most of the berries grown on the Peninsula are destined for juice, due to the weather conditions of the area bringing out the valued red color.  These berries are harvested ‘wet’, in flooded bogs.  You can watch the harvest, each October, at the WSU Cranberry Demonstration Farm.

In addition to its fine Cranberry Museum, the facility offers self-guided walking tours of the bogs.  Tours are interesting and beautiful year-round, but particularly during the peak growing season mid-September through harvest in early to mid-October.  The walking tour around the demonstration farm is open each day until dusk. In November and December, visitors are able to see various farming operations needed to prepare the ground for planting, which is planned in April or May. Harvest takes place each October; typically the first or second weekend, depending on weather.

Self-Guided tours of the cranberry farm are available year-round; groups are invited to phone to arrange guided tours: 360.642.5553

U-pick cranberries (dry harvest) can be found at Cranguyma Farms beginning October 1st.  Freshly harvested berries can be purchased at the farm throughout October, as well as along the roadside in Seaview and Chinook. Group visits/field trips to witness harvest in action can be scheduled through the farm office.

“Farm Walks” can be accommodated for groups with arrangements made through the Cranguyma Farm office. Walk approximately 3 miles in total through old growth forests, scenic wetlands and the picturesque setting of a working family farm where you will learn about the history and 65-year old tradition of cranberry farming at Cranguyma. Witness harvest in action (October only), view wildlife and participate in the adventure of cranberry farming at its finest. Beverages provided, please bring a backpack and brown bag lunch. For group reservations, call 360.244.1553.

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