SERVICES: Salon, Spa & Massage

Dianne Duprez, Massage, L.M.P., C.A.M.T. #MA12715

5003 L Pl | Seaview, WA

Forget your stress!

Make this a real vacation, not just away from home and work, but away from stress, away from the aches, pains, twinges and headaches that follow us around. Allow yourself to ‘vacate’ even your stressful thoughts. Relax in a warm, cozy massage room with scented oils and the sound of a waterfall and gentle music. Let warmth and touch sink into your muscles and release them. Enjoy a heated rock treatment – softly rounded basalt stones, heated and oiled, applied to your body to soak the heat right down to your bones. Return home refreshed and renewed.

Swedish • Deep Tissue • Reflexology • Heated Stone Therapy • Myofascial Therapy

30 years experience. WA Lic.# 00012715

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