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Long Beach Boardwalk

Long Beach Boardwalk

Grab some ice cream and stroll along the popular Long Beach Boardwalk that stretches for almost half a mile along the beach. With panoramic views of the Pacific and glimpses of the North Head Lighthouse in the distance, this boardwalk offers dreamy views of the Peninsula. The boardwalk offers interpretive displays as well as picnic areas and is just a short walk from downtown Long Beach.

TRAVEL+LEISURE Magazine named the Long Beach Boardwalk as one of the top eleven in the nation. We have to agree; our boardwalk isn’t flanked with carnival rides and hot dog vendors (those are downtown!) but rather it appears almost suspended above the dunes. During the Washington State International Kite Festival, you’ll find a flurry of activity on the boards, and some of the most colorful skies in the world.

Crossing beneath the Long Beach Boardwalk at the half-way mark is the 8.5-mile Discovery Trail. This Lewis & Clark commemorative trail terminates at the north end of Long Beach with an 18-foot bronze tree and winds south to Beard’s Hollow where it goes over the cape and into downtown Ilwaco. Interpretive displays and sculptures dot the trail. Bike riders, runners, walkers, and skaters are welcome.

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