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Long Island

Willapa National Wildlife Refuge

longislandUninhabited Long Island rests inside Willapa Bay. Part of the Willapa Wildlife Refuge, the five square mile island is home to old growth cedar, in fact, an ancient grove of red cedars some 1,000 years old.

Access to the island is by private boat or kayak. The best time to visit this thick-timbered emerald-colored gem is from July through September. All Long Island campers are required to fill out a camping registration form prior to camping.  Each year during this season, the normally quiet island becomes crowded with visitors.  Many people come for a last camping trip before school starts.  Additionally, hundreds of visitors come to the island each fall for the fall archery hunting season. The camping registration board is located in Refuge Headquarters parking lot on the back side of the interpretive kiosk.  There is no fee for camping on Long Island, however camping is allowed only in designated campsites.

Check with Willapa National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters for seasonally restricted areas, regulations and general information or call 360-484-3482.

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